BBQ Rangehoods & Flues

BBQ Rangehoods

Ducting for BBQ areas is different to kitchen exhausts.  We have installed and ducted hundreds of BBQ Rangehoods in alfresco outdoor kitchens and commercial kitchens.

Professional Installations

It is important to have your BBQ rangehood installed with suitable ducting materials to Aus/NZ Standards. We provide expert advice and professional installation services.

All Types of Rangehoods

Canopy, Fixed, Sideout, Recess Rangehoods. Including:

Tile Roof Ducting

Metal Roof Ducting

Back Wall & Side Wall Ducting

Eaves Ducting

Pizza Oven Flues

Our expert team can professionally install a pizza oven flue system to meet any outdoor alfresco design requirements.

Flue Kits

We supply and install Aus/NZ Standard flue kits, flue bends, dry pan, flashing and deckites for wood fired pizza ovens.

Flue Roof Penetration

Roof penetration flue kits installed through any outdoor patio or pergola roof.